Friday, August 29, 2014

...and for today...

I gave this book to Mr. Husband 
as a belated ordination (now subdeacon) gift.
I admit I am now one of those who starts planning
for Christmas in July.
And begins accumulating gifts by August... 

I had stocked up on flour a while back
and now have the two new glass canisters in use...
I made goals for the next months and
baking a new bread, an apple pie and apple cakes DV
come October on are the list... 

Well, is this why they say don't put plastic in the 
bottom rack of a dishwasher?
We had a lovely full day yesterday for the 
The eve of the Feast I felt that I was 
coming down with something.
I am now taking vitamins and the like; drinking tea.
I am still tiring more quickly than I would like
so I am seeking to rest a bit more.
I get Mr. Husband home through Monday
and I am so glad.
We have a plummer coming tomorrow
I am so thankful for this esp.
as the plummer seems very good, peaceful and upright.
I am struggling to nail down a routine for September;
I need to get a day set for Sunday school planning 
and I can't seem as of yet to clear things inwardly to do so;
the first lesson is done but so much more to do.
Prayers most welcomed.
I am so thankful for my life here and all
that it entails....hoping it will soon include
a chicken and broccoli casserole (clearing out the over-filled freezer)
and perhaps a non-vegan peach crisp, once I check on how 
those left over peaches are doing...
What does this day find you doing,
as August so quickly is slipping by us?


Matushka Anna said...

Haha, I like your "oops." (c;

I'm working on losing weight, setting up an Etsy shop, learning how to spin (still in the planning stages) and want to learn how to play the guitar. :D I've asked for a guitar for my birthday. Quite a departure for me!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Currently doing mountains of laundry (including mother-in-law's who is still in hospital) and preparing the children to go back to school on Tuesday next :-)