Friday, August 01, 2014

Today is a very powerful day

Today is a day full of many wonderful Saints.
In Sister Magdalen's book she writes
of the goal of a teacher of children who seeks
to pass on the Traditions of the Church
is to have children not divide their lives in two,
as if one's church life and the rest of life are two separate 
parts or compartments.
are we only religious and church is one of the compartments of life,
as if it is put in a closet like clothes or a pantry for food
or is it part of everything.
The key here is that if one has God only in a closet in one's life
than one is not really believing in the reality of 
Christ's Resurrection.
Oh that we can grow in knowing Christ and having our life forever changed.
Oh that we too can be aware of the Saints and 
so have hope in God who knows the name of each star,
in Whom is all Truth, Beauty and Praise.

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GretchenJoanna said...

My godmother just phoned me today to remind me that this is the old calendar St. Seraphim Day. Pray for us, Holy Father Seraphim!