Monday, August 18, 2014

{Our Time on PEI} ~ Lunch with a dear friend

Our good friend S who got married
sent on a Google Map with places of interest and places to eat.
Including a lovely Lebanese restaurant called Cedars.
It was such a nice visit.
My friend I had not seen in about 5 or so years,
she was one who I met just weeks after I was
chrismated and had moved to London Ontario...
she was my ride to church and had just learned
to drive herself!
We had such a wonderful time of friendship that
year and she is still a very special woman in my life,
a big sister to me. 
I do wish I could be more places at once so I could 
see all those dear dear friends... 


Lisa said...

It seems like you had a wonderful visit to that legendary place. Is the scenery and everything as beautiful as Ms. Montgomery described?

elizabeth said...

Lisa: It really IS that beautiful...!

Lisa said...