Tuesday, August 19, 2014

(Our Time on PEI} ~ the yellow parlour

I see that I did not even photograph 
properly the beautiful white chairs...

This was my favourite room; 
I loved the yellow.

I wish I could easily sum up what staying at
this Bed and Breakfast was like.
I often feel that some are just not appreciating 
what they are seeing or are in.
The effort to maintain such a property,
the attention to detail and seeking to keep it in period,
the lovely breakfasts,
the floors with old thick pine planks,
the wonderful in period furniture,
the beauty of it.
I think I wished for quietness there;
the one quandary of a bed and breakfast is the people.
I just at times love being by myself in such beauty
or equally with Mr. Husband who is inside of my 
interior life or rather does not impinge on it,
is part of it.
His company on our time in such beauty
is a warm welcoming and quiet joy,
a sweet companionship.
Of course we are, Mr. Husband and I,
are far from perfect and at times 
the sweetest thing we can say indeed is
forgive me a sinner
yet I can still write that I have been given
a husband who I am happy to be with
and miss when I am without.


Sara said...

That's a very lovely yellow parlor. And the first photo, with the blue wall in the foreground, makes a wonderful contrast.

Heather LeFebvre said...

I LOVE the yellow room!!! What a special treat to stay at such a place and in such a beautiful part of the country!!!!! I'm so glad you had the chance to do this!! My father took us to PEI when I was a teenager and we camped for about 4 days or so. i remember the natural beauty of the place and the blooming lupins. I would love to return someday as an adult and stay in a B&B :) and take photos and enjoy the beauty there.