Friday, August 29, 2014

{Our time in PEI} ~ Farm at Green Gables

It is easy to wish for a simpler past
but in our current life and how we live 
it would require a lot more than what we have:
namely community I think.
Even my Grandmother canned her fruits and vegetables 
with family; farms and community were made for a world
where there was more interdependence and working together.
 I think it is the latter that we actually miss
when wishing to be living in a different time;
this and the beauty that the past has that is not always continued
or replicated today.... 


Matushka Anna said...

Yes, it's the community we miss...

Anna said...

So enjoying virtually tagging along on your lovely PEI trip! One of the places high on my list of places I'd like to visit. I often wish I could share house cleaning with a friend - do a couple of hours together at the house of one and then the other. It would go so much faster and be much more fun! I once had a job like that, and sharing large-scale domestic chores, though no less work, was both more enjoyable and more efficient.

elizabeth said...

Anna ~ that is a lovely idea! I think sharing any task is so nice! Glad you are liking my PEI posts! I really enjoyed my time there as well! :)

Mat Anna ~ I know and I know that you know... (((hugs)))