Friday, August 22, 2014

Back from Ottawa ~ a last minute wonderful trip!

I got back from my beloved Ottawa late last night/
early this past morning.
Delayed flights, etc etc. 
Last minute for Mr. Husband and I usually means
planned only 1 month or less in advance. 
So I scrambled a few weeks back to email people
of my coming.
I was able to be at my Ottawa home parish for
the Feast of Transfiguration.
It was wonderful.
I find that every time I return I process a little
more that I am not living in Ottawa or Canada anymore.
I had some tears and grief, after a long bit of not feeling this
part of things. But it also was processed and
I can honestly say I feel refreshed and ready
to begin my life here in New Jersey again.
So some highlights...
Stocking up on fair trade Camino chocolate and drinking chocolate.
The company is located in Ottawa; I am so excited to try the
hot chocolate! :)

My dear sister-friend and I went to the
Greek Monastery.

There were very cute kittens.
Future mousers.

And a dream come true for me was to hold
my almost 3 year old godson in church and
have him light candles with me and 
venerate the icons.
He kept asking me if the Mother of God was crying.
Quite touching.

Cleo on the other hand thought she should of been with me,
even though a dear friend and neighbour spent ample time with
her while I was gone! 

On my return I came home to flowers
I think from this dear friend's garden...

And wonderful soup and bread!
Mr. Husband was away for work and 
I got in just a bit before him and 
was able to rest, do laundry and get the house 
in order from the mess that unpacking always makes.
I am so thankful for the time I had,
all the people I was able to see and visit
and for being able to go back to the Greek Monastery
that Mr. Husband and I have so many memories of together! 
I hope to post more about my time in Ottawa next week
as well as more on our time we had recently in PEI!
Now the last days of summer are coming near and 
even the outdoor pool that I love in our new town will be 
closing soon for the year.
Thoughts of apple pies, apple cakes and baked bread are
nearby and I am already planning things for
the next months...
Of course all we have is now and I must
remember to be in all things with God now, today,
which is the only time we know we have.


E Helena E said...

Love and hugs. Miss you always.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am so glad you are safely home and that you had a wonderful time!