Thursday, August 07, 2014

{Around the House} : laundry room

I love our small laundry room; 
it's such a blessing; I've never had a 
full size Washer and Dryer in our home,
much less the new ones that are more gentle.
 When we moved into our condo
the laundry room was almost non-functional.
The Washer/Dryer was situated in the corner, with the doors
facing the wall on the right.  
When one opened the doors, 
which opened to the left, away from the wall,
one was basically 'trapped in' by them, 
unable to go past them to get the actual laundry.
So laundry was done precariously, 
trying to balance laundry basket in that trapped space
with doors open.
But thank God no more.
We had a plummer move them while my parents in law were here.
Now I can easily get to everything and the doors instead of
opening into the air so to speak open towards a wall,
walling no one in at all.


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

So happy you have such a functional room to do your wash... and that washer and dryer! I remember when we bought our first brand new set years ago and how happy I was with them! :)

E Helena E said...

These small blessings are wonderful.
Navigating small awkward spaces can really force us to be creative, but glad that you have something better now!

Anna said...

Ah - it makes such a difference to have a well thought out space to work in!

Xenia Kathryn said...

What a gift! :) I'm happy for you :) Thanks for your comment, friend, I always read your blog too (and I should definitely comment more! *blush*).