Monday, August 04, 2014

{around the house} ~ light, lace and lovely yellow walls ~ and what August can hold

We have lovely lace valances for our 
Great Room, 
aka Living/Dining Room.

I finally got the window reading nook area valances up!

The other one have been up a few weeks.

We got smaller valences for this area so we could
just make small holes in the back of the valance
to be able to use two valances for the three windows.

After being a bit out of commission last week,
it is so nice to have a project completed!
We have at least 4 more boxes in one closet to open, 
plus at least three or so more to deal with...
With all the visits that summer brings,
I have had to accept that some of these things will not be done
until September!
I am looking forward to Autumn as many are by now...
my pantry is ready to make, God willing,
apple pies, crisp or cake...
But I am looking forward to the sweet days of this August...
we are not in the Dormition Fast until the 14th
and I hope to make a peach crisp towards the end of this fast,
and enjoy this important small fast for 
our Most Holy Lady.
We are so blessed to have the seasons of 
fasting and feasting,
for both nourish us in very important ways!
For all those in the fast already,
who start on the new calendar of August 1,
blessed fast!
For all those on the 'old' calendar starting August 14,
may God prepare us!
As work is always on going for making our homes
suitable places for Christ to come and for the Holy Icons
to adorn and grace our walls,
may we work to make our souls the place where the 
Holy Spirit can be...


Paula said...

Very pretty!

October Rose said...

Lovely and very home-like! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your valances are delightful!

Apseed I said...

You have such a good taste!

Matushka Anna said...

A little touch of lace is always so nice. :)

Sara said...

Your lace valances are very pretty. And your reading nook very inviting.