Thursday, August 28, 2014

{Our time in PEI} ~ the Grounds of 'Green Gables' ~ a visit with family

Green Gables is a federal site seeing place on PEI.
A cousin's house of Lucy Maud Montgomery where
her famed books on Anne of Green Gables is
situated and taken from.
I had a lovely walk there with Mr. Husband. 
Who could not walk down "lover's lane" while there with
one's best friend, one's husband?

So beautiful.
I could of spent a lot more time there
being quiet in these woods.

I heard this gentle stream... 

I can't help but wonder how the author's 
church experience could of been better....
nature is for sure a beautiful healing place
but I can't help but think of how my understanding of
Orthodox Liturgy in contrast to this.

The red clay of PEI.

Beautiful, so verdant, so well kept.

This was a new stove made to look
old and is a place that Mr. Husband and I bought
a bowl of ice cream to share.
We sat on a bench outside eating with two spoons;
a woman with children said she had not seen
anyone do this is a very long time
and that it was romantic.
This was lovely but even more lovely was just that
what we were doing was merely simple and comfortable.
I am so glad for my Mr. Husband.

Lots of flowers here, a beautiful spot. 
I am grateful that our lives included this day.
We were with my Aunt and Uncle and my 
cousin and her son that day,
who were also holidaying in this part of Canada.
It was a very lovely day.


Lisa A said...

That sounds just lovely! I hope that some day I might have a chance to visit Green Gables. Just beautiful!

Matushka Anna said...

What a cozy post! I was thinking that it's so nice you two will be able to look back on walks on PEI and that bowl of ice cream. :) So nice to be able to share that with your best friend. <3

Lisa said...

Very enjoyable to see these pictures, Elizabeth - thanks for sharing. The red soil is very interesting! Still, the heaviness of a clay soil doesn't keep things from growing there, does it?

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

No wonder the author loved it so - it is so beautiful!