Thursday, July 31, 2014

Recap of an usual week...

I knew this week I would need a lot of quiet.
I don't know how Moms do it, but I can see why this
After two months in Lent of buying our new home,
in which my husband refers to a few people involved as crazy...
(I still remember the night hours after the close when I realized
how very stressful it had all been)
and then the packing of our old home, 
at least 2/3 done by myself and then unpacking, again at least 2/3 by myself,
with the very real, true and stalworth help of my parents in the move
and preparing the house to be move-in ready,
then 3 weeks about of 24x7 kid-loving (and I did love it)
and then almost 2 weeks of again most needed, good and heartening help
from my parents-in-laws, a time that I treasure,
{esp. remembering my Dad in law's reading of the Book of Acts
that they were reading out loud after a somewhat late breakfast,
how alive it was and how well he understood the story and how to read it};
after all that socialization, plus dinner parties, house blessing
and all the whirl of blessings of the last months,
I would need at least two days of solitude, which thankfully 
Mr. Husband can be with me in without taking away deeply of the solitude.
Well, I got it.
The solitude.
Mr. Husband had a crazy 12 hour or so day on Monday,
a later but not as late day on Tuesday
and a quiet but intense work day Wednesday.
And by Monday night I was feeling ill
and by Wednesday feeling mostly better.
So my solitude was inwardly and outwardly imposed
and through it all I've had church hymns mainly playing in my mind
and the silence has been delightful.
And in the midst of it all,
I was able to go out with Mr. Husband on a daily walk or two... 
Kathleen Norris wrote of a child saying to effect of
silence is what allows one's soul to catch up with oneself.
I am still missing Kathleen Norris, as in a new book by her.
I do wonder if she will write another....
This link took me to two new blogs of artists
and I am feeling more and more the need for quiet
and some reading time.
Meanwhile our futon apparently is not hinged properly in assembly
and as of Wednesday does not want to stay upright.
My lovely peaceful quiet chapel. Sigh.
I blame myself, as I had wanted Mr. Husband to move it
according to my sense of space for the room...
That chapel I can say is the quiet centre of this home.
I am re-reading Gentian Hill as I mentioned earlier in this blog
and Elizabeth Goudge is good at naming homes
and what is in them.
The chapel-library, when it is not as a guestroom,
is my space of quiet,
the circle of quiet that so beautiful titles
Madeleine L'Engle's book.
We are working slowly on getting some new icons for the chapel;
will take most possibly a year or so as they 
are not yet made and are being made overseas.
I am endeavouring to start a new thing:
Sunday School at my church.
I love the children there.
We are a small parish and there is currently no Sunday School.
So I volunteered.
This means I need two things from any of you who want to offer them:
1. PRAYER. Please. You can't imagine. I do have a partial
personal awareness of my inward poverty and yet have
the idea of volunteering to teaching children in church.
It's a very serious thing and while on one hand I can be very well with children
and children tend to love me and know that I love them
but to teach.
Anyway, prayer please anyone and everyone.
2. Experiences in this nature.Please share. 
Comment, email, FB snail mail if you have it
whatever and what-have-you.
I hesitate to ask for ideas rather than experiences just as
my sense is that there is a lot of choice in how to do things
and I know I have to teach what I am able to
and in a way/manner/format that will work for me.
But your stories and what worked for you are very welcome.
I am going to a half day conference on this,
am reaching out to the people in my life who I know best
who have done Sunday School and am reading as I am able...
Sister Magdalen's book continues to be of help;
I hope to order her other book soon...
One of the helps of this book is also 
that she admits that she, to which I take to mean, 
all of us, do not do everything perfectly as we wish or mean to...
One thing I know:
I wish for a lot of time to prepare but August is looking like a lot of
family and friend visits and not as much time
as I would like.
Perhaps this is good as it is true of real life.
But I also trust that God will give me the time, information, people,
and things needed for this task.
And I must trust Him for mercy as I think
of the Bible verse about those who teach others
are more heavily judged.
Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dear one, my fervent prayers for undertaking the blessed work of teaching Sunday School.
An excellent resource for saints' Lives books and colouring books etc is Potamitis Publishing at

E Helena E said...

What a wonderful quote by Kathleen Norris! I feel this also. No suggestions of course from me for teaching the Sunday school kids but I am excited for you and will be praying for this opportunity! It will be wonderful to see you, DV, soon.

Lisa said...

I wish you well, Elizabeth - I'm sure you'll be very conscientious in your teaching the children. I'll remember you in my prayers!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh that is a good quote from Norris!! I think I'll have to borrow that one!

That's wonderful that you are going to start a Sunday School! That can be such an important influence on a child's spiritual life. As for advice, hmmm.: making a schedule for the class and keeping to it every week helps the kids to get in a routine and know what to expect next -- sometimes breaking up each new thing (on the floor, at a table, standing up, sitting down). I love using a flannel graph for stories but as long as you inflect your voice and use different "voices" you can tell stories without any aids. I'm sure the parents will be so grateful you are doing this!

Apseed I said...

I loved to attend the Sunday School. It helped me to grow spiritually.
I will keep you in my prayers.