Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yarn Along ~ surprise knitting, meals and many books

 I am finding that it is so easy
to ball up the skeins if I use my knees to keep the 
circle intact :)

I can't say much about this knit as it is a surprise! 
It's coming along well though :)

This was the last of the corn and potatoes from
my parents-in-law's garden.
Learned a new trick when frying up lots of chicken:
for our meal on Sunday we browned up two whole
organic chickens in coconut oil (with flour, salt and pepper
covering the chicken pieces) and some of it
we put in the fridge after browning and did not cook
until the next day.
It cooked up very nicely and we did not have
to worry about dried out chicken because of
baking them and then reheating.
So good!

Conversations with Children: Communicating our Faith

it's such a special, vivid and beautiful book!
Conversations with Children continues to be a 
very engrossing and enlightening read!
It's been a busy summer with many guests in the last weeks
and I am very grateful for it all!
August is turning up to be a busy one as well...
summer is a special time of year where
schedules are changed and the sun shines
and the pool is lovely in the early morning.
I hope everyone reading this is doing well
and do tell us what you are reading and creating!
Yarn Along with us!


October Rose said...

My mother loves Elizabeth Goudge. The only novel of hers that I've read was The Scent of Water and I loved it. I've always meant to read more of her work. I know my mom must have some more of her books so I should borrow them. :)

Yes, the knee trick! It works pretty well doesn't it? :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I'm continuing to knit squares for the charity helping Syrian refugees and am anxiously awaiting some requested books from the library which I can pick up tomorrow.
I'm working my way through the Thursday Next books yet again - I read them every single year.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Such a beautiful table there in your photos!! The chicken sounds good!! And the Gentian Hill cover is so pretty!!! I think I have that one, right? I need to start reading all the books I brought back from the UK. :)

Reinventing Mother said...

Your squares are very lovely!!!! And that table is just perfect:)

karen said...

I place my yarn in a circle on a table and put a vase in the middle. Or I use two chairs back to back. I still get tangles when I drift off... Lovely surprise knitting :)

Apseed I said...

I like your photos of your table. They always look so cozy and welcoming.
And I really have to save "Conversations with children" to my wish list.

Matushka Anna said...

I really enjoyed Conversations with Children!