Friday, July 04, 2014

Week in Recap, Many Blessings!

We had our beloved munchkin 
4 days this week.
It was really fun!
Sometimes, since he is only a newly 6 year old,
he got a bit homesick but overall he was very
happy and had tons of fun!
On St. John's day 
the Munchkin and I made a cake
for this special day!

Munchkin poured in all the
dry ingredients :)

Aunt Elizabeth poured the
chocolate chips on top;
these made the Munchkin very
excited indeed :)

We had a really lovely dinner
with Munchkin and gave him
a little book on St. John as well...
Our days ended up being like this:
7 AM up for breakfast ~ first thing we had
was a little Holy Water and Prosphora
Munchkin had two crepes
with strawberry jam (that my Mom made and
brought with her when they were here).
We would pray and light a candle before eating.
He always got to choose who we would ask prayers for;
sometimes St. Nicholas or the Mother of God or 
our Lord Jesus Christ who all the prayers are
ultimately going to of course
and later in the week, St. George and then St. John :)
Then we would kiss the icon of the Lord or of the Saint 
and eat.
Then play time.
NAP for Aunt Elizabeth and then 
prayers together and getting ready for swimming.
10-12 SWIM!
He did so well! He ended up going in the 'big pool' as well
as the fun kiddie pool and is more
confident in his life jacket in water where he can't touch.
I am so proud of him!
He says that swimming is one of his new sports now :)
HOME again at Noon and then a snack.
Fun bath time while I made lunch.
Then quiet time from 1-2 or so.
Then play, math games, listening to stories,
doing crafts, playing with legos, and on
St. John's day we read this book on St. John 
while sitting on my bed.
I had some sweet tasting vigil bread that we had
special on St. John's day together
before we read about him.
(btw, these books, the St. John book being one of them,
are absolutely wonderful for kids and great
read alouds! I am so impressed with the content in
words and drawings!)
More playing.
When Uncle Mr. Husband was at work
he would call when he was near home
and we would race out to 
blow bubbles at Uncle Mr. Husband
as he came up the stoop stairs!
Then dinner.
Talking with Mom on gmail-skype...
Play, clean up, read Bible stories
and Uncle Mr. Husband would read the 
Gospel reading of the day and I the Epistle. 
Then some more stories or theological talks
and then prayers before bed and bed.
We would start again about 7 AM the next day!
Before bed I would read a few more pages of 
and was really encouraged and gently instructed by
this book.
I really can't recommend it enough!
God-willing the Munchkin comes again this coming week 
and we will have a lot more fun!
I do not have as much time for blogging or
blog reading as I want to make this Munchkin's time
with us as special as possible;
I am really happy to see that at this age
children are so incredibly open to God, the Saints, to miracles.
I am trying to do one new Saint a day
(I have been collecting Orthodox children's books 
since I got married with the hope of one day kids
visiting us like we have now)
and we do prayers throughout the day when we 
also light a new candle. 
I love being a 'Church and Family Auntie' 
and having kids over, where they can
have fun with games, the pool and also have
times where we do small prayers or read about a new Saint.
I am slowly doing more orders for our church bookstore also
has proved very popular. 
The pool down the street has been wonderful!
I am at the pool every morning during the week now,
with the kids or if no kids at home, by myself or Mr. Husband
or neighbours who are dear friends! 
I thank God for this special time.


Paula said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit.

Lisa said...

You've been very busy, and happily so.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

No wonder he loves his Aunt and Uncle so much!

Jen H said...

Love this!