Tuesday, July 08, 2014

On onto a peaceful Tuesday

Yesterday's cake for St. Elizabeth!

The Munchkin beat me at the game Trouble!
Last night we ate the cake for my name's day!
Munchkin before bed had a 
plastic packing material in his hand 
and he was 'blessing' the icons and his 'Saint Book'...
It was so cute! 
Today after breakfast and morning prayers
(He says Lord have mercy and the Our Father after me;
I do not worry about him moving about during prayers
as I can tell he is listening and he shows me often
by his talk that he is taking it in)
we were tired so we took naps;
he's all tuckered out so our pool time is a bit delayed
but I am sure he needs the sleep!
Uncle Mr. Husband is Mr.-Husband-a-soras and now
the Munchkin says he is Munchkin-a-soras
and can eat the Mr.-Husband-a-soras :)
D.V. my parents-in-law come next week to visit
and help us with more of the house.
We are really excited about their visit! 


karen said...

we loved playing trouble as kids. I think the popping sound is the best! Sounds like you all are having a fun time and yay to more house help! We will be moving both of our kids in the next month and will be helping them.

GretchenJoanna said...

Happy Name's Day to you! Many Years! The cake looks delectable and suitably festive.

Matushka Anna said...

Happy belated/early name's day! (We celebrate it on the 18th.) That cake looks WONDERFUL... and now I want chocolate. Nom nom nom...