Friday, September 05, 2014

{Our time in PEI} ~ Kitchens and Houses

The number of beautiful built in
China cabinets in both the Green Gables house
and the Manse were impressive.

I realized how big the houses were quite quickly;
the table space, storage and the crockery 
were all ample and fully beautiful... 

I loved all of these dishes!

This stove made me wonderful when enabled fry pans
and Dutch ovens began to be made...

Think of all the food that could be stored in here!

I loved all the bowls, jugs and general crockery... 

A beautiful functional space.

This coat rack was quite unusual to me
but I am guessing quite normal for the period.

It was all very beautifully laid out...

I wish door handles were still like this!

I esp. loved this marmalade jug!
It was a lovely visit,
seeing these places... 


Reinventing Mother said...

I've loved all your pictures! Today's were special!

Paula said...

I think old kitchens are my favourite. If we ever get the addition put on (or win enough to rebuild) my kitchen is going to be turn of the century style. No cupboards! A nice big pantry, dish dresser, Hoosier, baking table, and a big 'wood' stove (but will be gas). And everything is going to be in this one location (two if you count the pantry as separate), not stored all over the house like now.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The marmalade jars are easily available in the UK and in the US - generally lots of them on EBay.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Wanda!!!
Paula, wouldn't a kitchen like that be nice!!!
Elizabeth, I did not know that! after some google searches I see that you are right on the money as always! :)

Matushka Anna said...

*SIGH* I love the open shelving and the china cabinets! So tidy and wonderful!