Thursday, September 25, 2014

About today...keep on keeping on...

Pizza I made for us for dinner the other night...

Knitting and flowers, a great combination...
I went driving again earlier this week....
it was quite something; 
it went well.
I've never seen so many tattoos as my driving instructor,
an older man, shaved and tattooed head,
had... we talked a lot while I drove...
He was much better than my last instructor
and took me on roads that were easier to get
confident on...including a section of highway that was not as busy...
We talked about the neighbourhood...
it was a little dismal actually...
Mr. Husband says we live in 'the better part of the hood'...
people on street corners just there, possible no job for many
of those we saw... we talked about how the factories are almost all gone
in this area, how the kids can have such poor upbringings,
how complicated the problem is yet how he
found little excuse for it on the other hand;
it's like having many of the puzzle pieces and no answer
to the poverty we saw, the joblessness, those who perhaps are 
not trying to get into a better life situation (i.e. not just living on
State money).
That part of things can be really hard as there really is not
easy answer at hand.
I think making a beautiful home and seeking to have peace in it
is doing something at least.
We need more prayer for cities, they can be such places of brokenness.
In other news...
I am really hoping that by me getting re-aquainted to driving,
that I can go places and build friendships a bit more.
The hardest thing it seems for me
still is just building a life here.
It's different being married;
very good but different; and I don't have my
many Ottawa friends here and have few friends
who do not work 9-5 here and so many of my days are spent 
with only seeing Mr. Husband and it can be a challenge,
as I would really like to be making more inroads in this way.
It takes time and I know having mono for 6 months a year ago and then
all the time spent moving means that in many ways I am 
behind in this area (friendship meeting, building) just by situation alone.
I am not giving up however and hope to be driving more in the next months...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You're doing lots of things and achieving a great deal when you look at it objectively.
I admire your determination to hone up your driving again; it will make a big difference.

E Helena E said...

Yes, I see the brokenness here too, as you are aware. So glad for the opportunity for less isolation with these driving lessons. My prayers and love always.

Apseed said...

It can be difficult to be away from your friends. But I'm sure eventually you will make new ones here.
I've noticed that it just a little bit harder when you're not in school/university.

Matushka Anna said...

That pizza looks incredible.

I think you will notice a difference when you start driving again. It can really help with feelings of isolation. ((Hugs))

Cleo said...

You have many online friends. I like to start my day with you.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone so very much!
Mat Anna ~ the pizza was only the toppings that made by scratch :) it did take a decent picture, thank you!
Apseed ~ yes, it does take time to make friends for sure!
Elizabeth, thank for your encouragement...
and E-H thanks for your continued love :) ... yes, we both see these societal problems...

elizabeth said...

Cleo ~ thank you from my heart, that means a lot to me, was a real encouragement today!

Heather LeFebvre said...

The pizza looks SO delicious!!!! Good for you taking driving lessons!!!!

GretchenJoanna said...

Yes, if you are able to drive places you can go visiting lonely people, or friends!
You must be doing pretty well with the driving if you can chat with the instructor so much and not goof up!