Monday, September 22, 2014

Today's beauty...

It has been a while since I was able to 
light all my lampadas in the morning.
It's such a blessing to be able to do...
I've been thinking a lot about our condition here on this earth
and how so many things can throw us off,
even of routine things...
Consistency, constant-ness, firmness, resolute purpose,
stability, all are part of what I am thinking of
and that not many of us fully have...
at least if we are honest...
A bad head cold, unexpected events, a new 
responsibility, the changing of seasons, 
all can impact what we wish we were easily:
constant, not inconsistent, not 
easily 'off our game' or derailed from a new purpose...
It's hardest I think about the spiritual life.
I've seen it in my life, 
in the life of my friends, 
we try to start something new or anew,
whether it's a more structured or consistent prayer routine,
or spiritual reading or trying to have balance of 
computer/non-computer time,
or whatever it is that we are aware of struggling with.
It's a challenge for sure. 
But not something to be dismayed at,
just something to keep at I think.
I find that regular confession also helps so much;
it's like one gets to start over and is renewed...
for the challenge of this life,
for seeking to love Christ more...
In other news,
I made the last plum torte of the season.

I hope to share it with Mr. Husband this week...
perhaps with some whipping cream...


October Rose said...

Regular confession ... yes! I find the dismay at our own inconstancy creeps in so much more easily without frequent confession, and once it has a foothold it's hard to shake without that sacrament.

Xenia Kathryn said...

I've been struggling with feeling "off kilter" too. Definitely trying to get back into gear after the back-to-school transition. I need some good spiritual reading! :)

Martha said...

Me, too. ♥ Thank you for the reminder! I need to light my candle right now (I should get a lampada going again). Happy first day of fall!

elizabeth said...

Oct Rose ~ yes, this really is how sin works and thank God how confession works!!! God is so merciful to us!

XK ~ I totally too... I am finding the Prologue and other Saint stories to be helpful right now...

Martha ~ thank you! I usually write to remind myself :))))

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My lampada is lit and I love to see yours all lit too :-)