Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Soon to finish: Sunshine blanket and Conversations with Children

The Sunshine Blanket is almost done!
Within reach, if I can only get some knitting time!!!

I made the last plum torte of the season...
hope to bring some to my future goddaughter's 
mother today when I visit :)

I am almost finished with this 
wonderful book!
So wide ranging, with so much wisdom,
sensitivity and understanding.
If you have children, teach or work with children
or just want to know more of how to be in this world
and gain peace while there,
or want to have articulations of truths that you 
love but lack words for
or you want to gain perspective on things,
this book could be for you! 
See this blogger's post for
for a taste
and 8th day books (love them!) has this to say of it:
Virtually every major teaching of the Church is discussed, with actual examples of children's questions and Sister Magdalen's answers. Her responses are marked by pithy wisdom, insight into child psychology, compassion, candor, and faithfulness to the Tradition. This book will become a cornerstone of Church School and catechetical curricula, as well as a valued resource for parents or for anyone struggling to effectively share Christian teaching. 
So that's what I am reading and creating!
What is being read and made in your world?
Yarn along with us! 


Lisa said...

Praying you will find the time to wrap up your sunshine blanket! Cannot wait to see it when it's all've been on this project for such a long time, and I'll bet you're as eager to see it finished as the rest of us are! Many blessings to you, Elizabeth! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am at long last going to try to knit myself some slippers!
I have a few books to read and review for the next two weeks and must settle down to those in earnest.

mamasmercantile said...

Your sunshine blanket is looking good, you are so close to finishing it a job well done.

steph said...

that blanket really is going to bring a ray of sunshine to someone!!!! It's going to be great!

karen said...

Hurray to being nearly done!! Love how happy the blanket is :)

Reinventing Mother said...

So glad you are almost finished!!!

Emily H. said...

I've read that book and loved it! I would recommend it too!

Joy said...

I ordered that book a while ago and then it got tucked away. Thank you for reminding me to pull it out.

elizabeth said...

you're welcome Joy! I think you will love it!

Matushka Anna said...

Can't wait to see the blanket all finished! I just love the colors.

That is a great book. We just lent our copy to someone who should appreciate it. I always recommend it to people.