Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Progress and Hope to be done... in a few months :)

This dimly lit picture is the office; still in boxes
and in clutter but we will get there.
I have lots of plans and hopes...

My one goal for today is to move a bunch of the library
to the living room bookshelves...
things that are not as valuable as there is more
possibility of sun exposure in the living room... 

Exciting to me right now is just to have a few places
of order and peace as we continue to unpack
and find places for things.

I am loving this little spot on the dresser.
The mug has our prosphera bread that 
we are given at our church...
we have it first thing in the morning
with a little holy water, 
before we eat or drink other things;
it's a real blessing... like being given
a blessing and strength for the day!

We don't have most of our icons unpacked and up yet...
so this lovely corner is our current prayer corner.
It works and is a lovely start.
We hope to get some sort of icon shelf/rail 
in our chapel for various icons... 
this hopefully will happen in July when 
Mr. Husband's parents come;
they had to change dates with us
due to strawberry season and harvesting,
but this is fine for us too,
we are excited to have them come!

I got this icon diptych at an antique mall
in Grand Rapids years ago with my Grandma;
it was made in Rome.
The candle was a gift from a dear friend and is made
at the monastery in Brownsberg Quebec.  
The candles in the glass jar are also from Orthodox monasteries. 

I am determined to have much less clutter in our home.
This coat rack used to be just layered with things.
Now it has the essentials and our master bedroom closet,
which is about twice the size of our old one
has the excess. 
I am so pleased about this.
My Dad used what was already around to anchor this 
bathroom shelf unit to the wall.

It is so sturdy now!

The double sink is just lovely.
The sink on the left has some cracks in it
but is structurally still sound,
as in no chance of leakage.

I still have to put our wedding crowns back up 
above the bed.
We have boxes to unpack yet in the closet
before boxes that are in the bedroom can be properly stored.
I am finding that working on one chosen area
helps a lot in the unpacking progress.
Oh, and thank God: I found my camera charger!!

I opened up the shades and sat Cleo down so she
can enjoy the window view.  
She is still learning about places in this new home.

I am still loving the paint colours.

And it is wonderful to have the two big windows 
and have shades for them.
It cuts down the heat from the sun and the light 
exposure on things.
Little by little we will get things unpacked!
I am realizing, esp. with Mr. Husband parent's later 
arrival to help with some things,
that it will be sometime before everything is 
situated. But it is going well and 
I have my kitchen clutter free
which is a huge relief.
Years ago when I just could not seem to keep things clean,
my spiritual father in Ottawa told me that just having 
one area clean and organized can help one's 
equilibrium and keep one from being totally discouraged 
and overwhelmed by it. 
I am finding this to be true...
and that one must choose a small area to work on 
and go from there.
Little by little,
we will make our new condo a home! 


Matushka Anna said...

Lovely! Little by little it will all get done. Enjoy the process!

Lisa said...

Cleo will have plenty to keep her occupied until she learns every inch of the place. :)

Lisa said...

Cleo will have plenty to keep her occupied until she learns every inch of the place. :)