Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vegan Double Chocolate Banana Bread ~ and ~ about today...

and used half cup coconut oil, half vegan margarine,
used X-Gum for binder and regular flour.
While not as decadent as the one with 
butter and eggs, it is still good!
One for now and one for next week,
in the freezer!
I am struggling with some insomnia right now,
please pray for me!
My sense is that the devil knows I am to host 
children who God LOVES and the devil does not.
Thank God we know who wins!
Our Saviour Jesus Christ!
As just mentioned... Mr. Husband and 
I will be hosting different children for 
the next two or three weeks for sleepovers
and I am finding lots of stuff for this.
Ordered some crafts supplies via amazon prime,
some cool books via amazon and St. Tikhon's bookstore,
found and was emailed some cool things including 
here, here, here and here
I found this recent post (H/T Mat Emily) here to be very helpful!
Thanks also for the suggestions I was given earlier this week!
Asking for any other suggestions also! 
Thank God I had 6 years in my twenties with a Bible camp
and before that years of babysitting...:)
So I am creating a schedule for activity time and also rest times!
There are so many people going through stressful times right now.
Please pray for Mat. Anna, Noah and for all those 
we can't mention but you know need prayer...
All I know is that God is with us 
in every valley of difficulty we face...


Mat Anna said...

Prayers for you!

Sara said...

Your chocolate concoction will be delicious I am sure! Wish I had some ideas for you but it's been a very long time since I've been in the company of young children and I am at a total loss. Enjoy them and love them. And have joy in the midst of the activities you have planned. I'll be praying.

elizabeth said...

thank you so much both of you for your prayers!!

Martha said...

yum...chocolatey chocolate bread...will you be saving one for the kids? ♥ we just finished a week of church camp and I did crafts with the kids (candle making, lanyards and tie dye t-shirts)!