Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Did it! {Our New Arm Chair}

Our delivery of IKEA furniture arrived!
Of course all but one in flat boxes,
waiting for assembly...

I however was quite excited about the arm chair and 
making our window corner more finished...
so I opened the box and saw the pieces...

Of course they would have put in the sofa instructions not armchair instructions so
I googled and printed the right instructions...

All accounted for!

Easy construction.

I think I did in about 1 hour...
I think getting on the cover took just as long as the assembly!

Added one of my two small lap blankets 
that my Oma knitted and a new pillow
to both chairs and now the corner is done 
(well other than a lamp which is somewhere in a box 
and a table cloth!)

It's comfortable and completes our corner!

Now we just have to find 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Oh, well done! It looks lovely :-)

Apseed I said...

Wow! Good job! That corner looks so cozy!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Congrats on putting the chair together...I leave all those sorts of projects to my husband. I find Ikea instructions impossible to figure out!

Mary said...

I really love our Ektorp loveseat!