Wednesday, June 11, 2014

~ Instead of a yarn along post ~ our bedroom icon corner ~

I am working on one knitting project
that is a surprise so that's all I can say on that! :)
So if I usually read and comment on your blog,
know that I just don't know you wrote at present.
Nasty attack :(
So I thought I would show the making of my icon shelf/corner
in our new home.

I've used this shelf for a few places now,
so it's a little battered at the back...

It's a struggle every time to get the second 
smaller part in just right;
the shelf will slide onto the longer piece
and then goes over the second small wood strip
and has to be positioned accordingly.
It is a challenge and while I had it all level,
I had to change it a few times and
finally, once it's as good as it's going to get,
shove the shelf into place.
I think the corners are just not matching up to the 
corner shelf, so it's a bit uneven.

Not fully level but actually up and
I just called it good after many tries and prayers
(of desperation but real prayers of some sort!)

It was so good to see all the icons again!
They had been carefully wrapped in boxes and 
small suitcases... 
it's like having all your friends, but the best 
and most holy kind, come out to visit!
Of course the icon of our Saviour Jesus Christ came out first!

This was the second mounted icon I ever had
and was given to me by S. at my first church,
10 years ago now... 

This time it just happened that I was doing the long wall
first and it was all Man-Saints... so I just kept it that way!
His and Hers sections :)
Someday I would love to do posts on each individual icon
as they all have a story of how they came to be in my life
or how I was helped...
but for now I will just focus on making our house
a home where we can be reminded of our Lord Christ
and of the Great Cloud of Witnesses that surround us!


Lisa said...

His and hers icons - now that's funny! Comical how things turn out sometimes.

Reinventing Mother said...

I love the his and hers!!:)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I like the idea of his and hers saints!
Feedly is now back up, btw :-)

October Rose said...

I would love to read about each icon! I was just wondering about it as I read this post. :) Beautiful.

(And feedly seems to be up and running again, thank goodness!)

Mary said...
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Mary said...

We have the same exact icon corner in Liza's room and also not exactly level, but we don't even notice anymore!