Thursday, June 05, 2014

Making a home: one box, one icon at a time

Can you see Cleo Cat in the back? :)
It may not look it, but more boxes
have been unpacked.

In our first home our wedding icons were like this,
with the cross in the centre:

We put up our icons...
but not in the way they were before, 
as the corner is very different...
We have yet to find our Cross...
I remember packing it!
We looked and looked yesterday...

We are thinking the Cross will go above 
these two icons and the wedding
Rushnyk above this, as similar as we can make it to what
we had in our first home. 
We had to pull the prayer stand out with a rug
and do not wish to put it back until the Cross is up,
so I do hope we find it soon!

Today I hope to unpack many more boxes,
with Cleo near by of course...

It's a cloudy rainy day today.
I woke up to the sound of rain;
very soothing.

Praying for some dear friends today
who are having some tests done for health....

Got Kathleen Norris' early book
Dakota: a Spiritual Geography 
from my local library branch,
which is a mere 5 minute walk away!
I had never read this one and it is a delight....
I still am hoping and praying that she writes and publishes more soon!
Well, Cleo is listening to the rain, looking at the window 
in our office as I write.
It's not yet 9 AM (we are changing our schedules a bit now)
and I have many boxes to attend to....


Reinventing Mother said...

It is coming together! I might need to find that book!

Sara said...

Your bookshelves are wonderful and I really love the high view out your window. Kathleen Norris is a favorite of mine also though it's been a few years since I last read her. Currently I'm working on "Unseen Warfare" and "Orthodox Prayer Life" but very very slowly. Blessings to you in your new home.

Anny said...

I love your candle stick holder! Is it just pebbles? I've never read Kathleen Norris-I'll have to looks her up!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Wanda! lovely book...

Sara... I love our windows too! what great books you are reading!

Anny ~ thanks! IKEA a few years back. I use rice and sand... K. Norris is a joy to read! :)

Amy said...

Please keep me in your prayers. Our move has really overwhelmed me and our kids come home from Grammy's today. Our contractor is hopefully coming to put some new windows in even though I didn't get the outside painted. We just couldn't wait any longer and I needed less pressure about painting. MIn other news, my goddaughter is getting married tomorrow and I'm so excited for her. Say a prayer to St. Phanourios for me that I can find my jewelry box so she can wear my pearl necklace tomorrow!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You are doing well!
I look forward to your opinion about the Dakota book :-)

Lisa said...

Well, isn't that funny! I just brought this book home from work two days ago! I don't know why, because I've got too many things to read now, but I guess I didn't realize we had it, so I grabbed it. I do want to read it.

elizabeth said...

Lisa: neat! I am really enjoying it so far! :)