Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our Friday ~ Rest, Rain, Storm and Pie

By late afternoon/early evening 
it did more than rain, it stormed! 

I am reading more of Kathleen Norris' Dakota...
I can see how this was one of her earlier books...
she is learning a lot and putting it into words...
you can see the seeds of both
the cloister walk and amazing grace: a vocabulary of faith...

I put together some IKEA boxes...

Mr. Husband came home the other day with this
sweet wild flower bouquet :)

I made pie.
Trying to replicate what I did here.
But I did not have the whipping cream, the third
cream cheese or as many strawberries, so
it's a different pie.
I used half and half and sour cream, two things of
cream cheese... I like the other one better,
but this is still good, if a bit too sweet....
I hope to do it again after the fast;
It was good to make something though and 
this pie is the first thing I made in our new home!
I am still doing lots of resting;
in someways I feel like I am in a slump, 
all this resting and not getting as much done...
but I know if I don't rest, 
then nothing will get done or I will get sick
(the mono last year was enough for me, thanks)
or I will just stay tired.
So rest it is. Reading. Simple things.
Clean laundry is piling up. Mr. Husband is helping with dishes.
I really need to research dishwashers.
We are having the last fast-free week food...
dominos and their chicken too;
we call it mordor meat ;)
Well, at least it tastes good...
Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend!

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Reinventing Mother said...

We had beautiful rain as well!