Thursday, June 12, 2014

Progress in the Kitchen

I managed to get the kitchen clean.

Plant our first 'new home' gift 
(from our realtor) :).

Spice racks:
One on left was my Oma's 
and one on right was my Mom's.

St. Euphrosynos the cook is also there!

My Mom and I organized this kitchen together
and I really like what she did!

I love the cheery red canisters done this way!

New teapot from IKEA, replacing the one that broke;
actually the replacement is better than the original
one I had, I think! 

It's a spacious kitchen...
I am hoping to get a pretty print 
to go over the kitchen sink and have it
laminated so water splashes will not 
ruin it...
Of course I miss our last kitchen sink but
I just try to dwell on the beauty of everything
else in our home!
All in time...

I really want to do some baking again,
I miss it!

We thought we would have pantry shelves built
before we moved in but we had no idea
that the company we had come give us an idea
on pantry shelving via their 'free consultation' would
give us a price of THOUSANDS of dollars.
So we are waiting on that, my goodness!
It's a pantry, not a model home!!!
But boy, do I want my pantry shelves.
And two graham cracker pie crusts while I am at it.
The grocery delivery service does not have them,
I bought all ingredients for pie and have to make it this week
(before our fast starts on Monday) and the store 
being a 20 minute walk or so away
 just seems too much in my current state.
Mr. Husband is fully open to getting some temporary pantry shelves
but we have not had time to even get them.
(We would later use them in the garage).
IKEA was a no go on that, the local home depot did not have
them in stock and we are short on time.
We did have a handyman here yesterday and he put together
some of our IKEA things.
Will blog about that later... when I take pictures, etc.
For now, today is going to be a 'rest easy' day as I am,
as many have been gently warning myself about,
quite tired...
I've tried to pace myself in all of this, but it's hard.
IKEA was exhausting and I am unpacking pretty much
the whole house by myself.
Mr. Husband is swamped with work.
At least we have the basics now: all the blind are up,
I have a clean kitchen (but no dishwasher, missing that),
and Mr. Husband and I's relationship is 
miraculously well intact in all this craziness of boxes, 
which I know is in part due to the prayers of others,
the mercy of God and a little bit from just how 
super-hero-like my husband can be!
I mean 8 hours in IKEA and we are still friends?! :)
Serious domestic miracle there.
We are still finding out about our new condo;
it seems that the owners who sold it to us well,
let's just say did not tell all.
So do pray for us as we go forward in things.
I don't foresee huge problems, FYI but would not mind prayers.
Now if I could just get two pie crusts, some bottled energy and
more chocolate :)...
another super-hero quality of my husband is that he does not 
mind that I eat a lot of our chocolate :) :) :)


karen said...

Love your kitchen so very homey. And the pop of red is so nice. I'm quite fond of red!! Hope you get the condo wrinkles all ironed out. Praying for you that it's resolved.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Rest. Rest and more rest. Knit and pray. Play with Cleo. Have a complete day off from unpacking, if you can, just to re-charge your batteries.

Prayers for you all, and that your condo issues will soon settle and resolve.

Sara said...

I like your kitchen and all the red. I also have a red teakettle! It's lovely to have a spacious kitchen. As long as you have the essentials easily reachable, don't worry too much about the unpacking. It will all get done in good time. Hope you get your pie crusts and your chocolate - those are essentials for sure!