Friday, June 06, 2014

And for today...

I do always blog about
whatever is current in my life...
which right now is lots of unpacking...
so grateful for each and every comment 
and email! Thank you!
I did some epic-for-me unpacking yesterday...
at least 15 boxes and moving many books.
Today I did a fairly substantial re-org of our
master bedroom closet and our bedroom 
is more and more chaos-free.
I knew that I would have to plunge right in
to my new life as well:
last night I went to Bible study at my local church 
and then out to eat with friend from book club;
this morning I went swimming with a dear friend
at 8 am at our local pool.
Very refreshing and lovely!
We hope in the days, 
other than to celebrate the glorious feast of Pentecost,
to go to various stores, including IKEA,
for things we would like for our new home.
So I've also been busy getting the library ready for this.
Still have miles to go but at least we got the following done!
We used another lovely Cross that
we were given as a soon-after the wedding gift
Mr. Husband and I put this together just before lunch;
I did the actual set up but could not of done it without him!

This prayer stand was the wedding gift of many people,
including is handmade by a priest in the States.

These are our wedding icons.
And the Rushnyk is the one we were hand-tied with in our 

I really love it now that it is all set up!

We are still figuring books and where to fit them, etc.

Books nearest to prayer stand are 
many of our Orthodox books...
Yesterday I put in an order for more
for a summer book sale at our far-away church!
I can't wait to actually have our house in better order
to actually use our library to read in.
My 'rule' for myself in the new place
is that the bedroom and library/chapel/guest room 
is that no electronics (smart phone, computer) are entering.
I am so excited thus for some peaceful spaces in our home
where quietness can reign!
I am excited for the Feast of Pentecost and that
we can be so blessed and comforted by this glorious feast!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It's looking wonderful!

Apseed I said...

I like your prayer corner. And your books!
I have not read your blog for a while. So many changes in your life! It will take me some time to read old posts, but I'm very grateful that you always find the time to leave comments on my blog. It means a lot to me!
Thank you!