Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday ~ Loving a Young Munchkin

My brother-in-law and Mr. Husband got the
futon couch up!
The seat of the couch is 55" in depth so it
is big enough for a smaller child to sleep on for a bed!
We put down soft flannel sheets for bed, lots of pillows
and Bears, Rabbits and an Eeyore

The paper, crayons and water colours that I ordered
have been used this afternoon!

Some nice cards have been made!
Cleo is still not sure what to think of new people
but she is doing well.
This morning we went to the pool!
It's a good time for me... still getting our 
rhythm down for these days but
this morning we did some small prayers and
I am finding this book to be invaluable
in suggestions on how to talk about the God,
including the mystery of the Holy Trinity,
to young children. 
I am a bit tired with so much going on,
but the main rhythm of pool in the morning and 
afternoon at home is working well for me.
The munchkin I and Mr. Husband are watching
loves St. John like we do!
We are going to bake a cake for St. John's day tomorrow
or the day after, on his day!
We are hoping to find our vegan chocolate chips 
for the cake tonight but we will see!
Either way, it's going to be fun to bake
a cake for St. John with my young 6 year old munchkin
that we are caring for this week and next!

Saint John loved children
and I am so glad we have such loving Saint to celebrate! 


Matushka Anna said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying this special time with your munchkin!

Amy said...

I think I will order that book. I have been finding it hard to explain theological matters to my kids. It's funny--I used to think I understood so much. Now often when we read the daily lectionary we have such a difficult time explaining it to our kids.

I'm glad that you are having a good time and have found a rhythm!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You and your husband seem to be wonderful hosts for these little munchkins you are entertaining.

elizabeth said...

Amy ~ it is an excellent book, I highly recommend it!!! Working at Bible camps in my 20s really helps me have a good sense of rhythm for kids days :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Have a blessed Feast of dear St John!