Tuesday, January 15, 2013

St. Basil's Day

(old picture I took at the Greek
Today is St. Basil's Day!
I got this feast twice as I was at
Holy Dormition for this day
in early January
with Mr. Husband.
I am often there on St. Basil's day
and find it a very wonderful day indeed.
I am reading slowly
Madeleine L'Engle's book
ring of endless light
and it is about loss, letting go, death.
Thank God,
I have not had to grieve those lost by death
in the last months.
I am in the process of letting go in someways
of my beloved Ottawa.
I return for 1 week this Thursday,
for Theophany,
as planned before Mr. Husband and I's wedding.
I told everyone I would be back for Theophany.
Most of my Orthodox life up to this time
has been in Ottawa
and all of my professional librarian life.
I did a lot of growing there
and had a real home there and a city
I loved and love very much.
So when I read about the main character
dealing with growing up and the soon
loss of her Grandfather to cancer
and all of her processing...
I found reading this to be helpful.
A monastic told me months ago that I am not
leaving my Ottawa church family
but extending my church family
to include more people...
that I am on a progression in this;
not a decrease but an increase.
And so it is.
I am still a bit congested though the main
part of my sinus cold is over.
I fly God-willing in two days
to Ottawa.
Yesterday now was St. Basil's Day
(things interrupted me from finishing the post)
and Mr. Husband and I got a
wonderful phone call yesterday!
A new nephew was born!
He's not Orthodox but I do find it
really wonderful that he was born
on St. Basil's Day to
wonderful Christian parents!


Martha said...

We celebrated St. Basil's day with cutting of the Vasilopita in church yesterday!!! My sister, Mary, got the coin! She gave it to my niece, Juliana, whose nameday it is today. ♥ I hope you have a wonderful trip to Ottawa.

Victoria said...

we have not yet had to leave our parish, but we've said goodbye to many many people. when I see their photos of Pascha and Christmas I miss them a lot.

Matushka Anna said...

(belated) joyous feast!

E Helena E said...

Thanks be to God for the new nephew!