Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lemon Cake

So I made my first
lemon cake.
I was thinking of Anna as I baked it!
Thanks for your wonderful blog Anna!
I am determined to make it again...
It called for
lemon juice and lemon zest.
I used my zester for the first time;
I had always wanted one and
got one this summer as a wedding gift.

I made one mistake
and one only.
I doubled the recipe
and did not double the lemons.
Take note, self
and do 4 lemons next time!

That said,
it still turned out well.
I used a Greek yogurt
so it was a heavier cake.

6 eggs.
Yay Feast time!

Lemon Zest.

Mr. Husband was impressed
by how well they
turned out of
the pan.
Notice my cake pans
a very significant wedding gift
from a friend that reads this blog
(hi friend!)
Beautiful glorious
lemon cake.
With lots of glaze!
A friend said they reminded her of
Spanish cakes that she ate years ago.
Now if only I had more friends
in the area to share the cake with...
To Ottawa I go soon
Lord willing.
Am excited to see my friends there
though being without Mr. Husband will be
I plan on many emails/calls while we are apart...
When I get back I hope to not be sick again
(flying does a number on me often)
and my next goal will be to start swimming again...


Martha said...

Yum! ♥ I love lemony cakes. I have round pans like those and my cakes never come out nicely, unless I cut out a circle of parchment paper and put that in before I pour the batter. Did you just glaze it? I think if you glazed it only, it would be best baked in a bundt pan.

elizabeth said...

I have really nice pans and I greased them with some butter first...


I was really wanting to do two full cakes which is why I did it that way, but you are right... a bundt pan would be best... and I do have one! :)

E Helena E said...

Yummy! :-)

Michelle M. said...

My seven year old would love that! I hope you are well and rested by the time you are going to take your trip. Drink lots of water and take vitamin C- that always helps me.