Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Soup to enjoy on the colder winter days

I made pea-soup
from my
nourishing traditions 
Mr. Husband loves pea-soup
and it was finally cold enough in NJ
for us to both enjoy it!

I soaked the peas overnight in water
used the water as part of the broth
and added some pre-made
Organic vegetable broth
carrots, onions (fried in oil and butter)
thyme, pepper corns and lemon juice...
I am going to season it with a bit more
salt next time while it is cooking...
It blended up very nicely! 
Mr. Husband and I had
the soup with cream
as the book suggests;
I did not follow the book's instructions on cream
but bought some organic half-and-half and
called it good.
Next up is some bread baking,
a chicken and rice casserole
(I had fun looking through various cookbooks for this one;
using my joy of cooking as a basis for this)
and hopefully later this week
all DV of course
a chicken soup and some more butter cookies.
Mr. Husband and I have decided to have
our first Valentines Day as a couple
at home and we discussed
menu possibilities already.
I am excited to try to make a more
elaborate meal for this day.
We are also looking into swimming and
today I am going to a few different grocery stores in
town for things...
What does this day hold in store for you?

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