Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some of my beloveds... (and various other things)

My Godson has
two older brothers
and Mr. Husband and I
found a vintage
Lincoln Log Set for them
to add to what they already had...
Above is the picture of the farm they made with them!
I miss these beloveds so much!
And today one of them is coming down the flu...
so do say a prayer for them...
I am hoping to make Mr. Husband and I crepes
for dinner...
and I am already planning a special dinner for
the 14th...
I got some organic turkey bacon and am
thinking that with potatoes and cheese,
it could turn into a wonderful
crock-pot meal for
church this weekend.
any suggestions, recipes? 
Tomorrow I hope to make bread,
today I did paperwork, laundry,
grocery shopping and phone calls.
It was one of those
I need-to-get-out-more days
but one thing at a time.
I find I have to be patient,
even with myself.
I am slowly reading this
biography of St. Seraphim...
so good to be reading on this
wonderful Saint...
God is with us,
in all our struggles and battles.
We must take heart...


Maureen E said...

I am also reading a book about St. Seraphim, but the one by Helen Kontzevitch. The icon on the cover of the one you're reading is my favorite of St. Seraphim, which strongly tempts me to find a copy. :)

Michelle M. said...

Lincoln Logs are wonderful :) It sounds like you are turning into a regular chef!