Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cleo and other things

Once and a while I will find Cleo
as above:
on top of the mattress that we meant
to give a way months ago
that is still in our office.
Hurricane Sandy really did a number on
us all here on the East Coast
and I can only dream of a fully
picked up house...
So today was a quiet day.
Mr. Husband is on his way home now;
he is picking up a chicken for me
to bake tomorrow and some
salad for tonight.
I really hope to be feeling better soon.
I am still having a hard time breathing
with this cold
though my nose is no longer
needing 1 box of Kleenex/day.
I am struggling to not feel
discouraged and to be thankful.
I had wanted to get back in routines
and the like
but with this head cold
it is just not possible.
But I am thankful.
For a good home,
for Mr. Husband,
for family and friends,
for Cleo Cat.

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