Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday - quiet, cleaning and God's mercy

One of the pictures on
a lovely walk in MI that I had
with Mr. Husband.
It is really great to be home.
Reading again the book by
Elizabeth Elliot
and the last two small chapters
mentioned Christmas and
Christmas Eve
which is nice.
My first Christmas as
Mrs. Wife
and not in Ottawa.
I will not be able to do a Holy Supper
this year;
with church a long drive away
it is just not possible;
but I still hope for future years.
I am looking forward to Christmas Liturgy
and to having a nice God-willing
Christmas night dinner
at a beautiful local restaurant
with Mr. Husband.
We have three presents each for each other
on Christmas Day.
I got the white lights up in the kitchen area
and Mr. Husband's presents are wrapped.
The Nativity icons are out;
as well as my icon of Christ for this season
and my small nativity set and
glass bulb of a nativity scene hand-painted
in Romania.
So decorating,
as simple as it is,
is done.
As much as I would love to do a nice meal
Mr. Husband's advice to keep it simple
and go to the restaurant is really best
for this year.
One thing I am learning
or hope I am learning
is to be patient with all these firsts
and that it takes time to build routines
and traditions.
I am still weary from traveling
and still praying that we do not get sick
like so many are currently...
It is almost Christmas and I am so glad for that.
I hope to make a batch of cookies today
and am glad to say that I was able to
put some books on one of our
living room bookshelves
and decide what (every-day) decorations
I should pack away and what ones to keep out.
It takes a long time to set up house
and with Hurricane Sandy
and Thanksgiving travels and then
it takes even longer.
But God is good to us.
I was able to listen to some Orthodox music
and part of a lecture this morning as I
I am also slowly watching this video
that Mat. Anna posted.
I can't tell you enough
how much I love this video
and wish everyone could see it!
I am starting a journal where I hope to write
daily a list of things I am thankful for.
In hopes that I will keep my heart
light, content and joyful.
As my Grandma often speaks of
we have so much to be thankful for.
The Lord is good and merciful.


Maria said...

When I had a very bad cough after the flu, I found some elderberry syrup in the natural foods section of the local supermarket and it stopped my cough right away. The box says you can use the syrup instensively for illness, or a spoonful a day to ward off illness. This particular brand was Sambucol, from France, but there are others. It was much less expensive than what they sell at Whole Foods. And it tastes delicious!

Wishing you peaceful preparations for Nativity and a radiant feast. Enjoy your night out! No dishes!!

Victoria said...

do you celebrate old calendar or new calendar Christmas?

sending my love across the miles to you and your beloved.

elizabeth said...

thanks Victoria! old calendar Christmas...

Martha said...

I got our Nativity icon out, too. ♥ We're all ready. I plan to bake one more batch of cookies Sunday afternoon, though!!!