Monday, March 11, 2019

Clean Monday 2019

Ok, Clean Monday is the first day of Lent
which was today.
The first week of Lent often has some challenges.
I think the biggest challenge at present is just that we are exhausted,
the 1 hour time change, we are feeling it! Omph. 
But! Much to thank God for...!
~A cleaner home than it was this morning
~I finally got one small package and one letter ready to mail
~Birthday cards for this month are sent out via Husband (who is always
the disciplined one about cards)
~I ate a salad. I am really bad at eating my veggies so this was actually a win for me!
~I printed out 2 essays I am working on (slowly and not sure what I will do with them...)
~2 loads of laundry done
And went to vespers for the Canon of St Andrew of Crete.... 
the bishop was there with us, which was really nice.
My Husband suggested we switch our nighttime read out loud back to 
Which is a collection of his letters translated into English...
Today I read one about Fr John telling the one he wrote the letter to
to see God's good Providence in the person's life as 
God so arranged that the person could work in a place where he could
also be worshiping in church and that he/she (who it is he wrote is not said) should
see that God has given much to be thankful for
and that 'the future will be the future' and only God knows it and it is in God's
power, and care... one cannot know the next 10 years of one's life!
a good reminder to me, I've been struggling a bit with that point,
of not knowing what the future is (grand scheme that is, we have no immediate plans
for change!)
and being thankful for what we have now. 
ps: the L'Engle quote/page is from Ring of Endless Light...
I've been reading different books (DE Stevenson books and others) that all seem
to be touching on boundaries and how one cannot save or even deeply advise 
another, or at least one MUST understand that even though
advice may seem good to give or even the right thing to say,
and perhaps one is really correct in that it is the right thing,
but it does not mean the person will do as one suggests and one must
allow the person freedom to make their own choices, live their own journey.
This may sound obvious or simple but I feel that in our brokenness and in the
muddled confusion of this world and even of our lives, that it is not
so easy to allow for such freedom...
We are in about the middle of Tolkien's book of letters and his letters
about the back story to the Lord of the Rings,
in the Silmarillion, is a very profound demonstration/display/story/parable
of what having free will means and how temptation happens,
how people are allowed such freedom that will lead to their 
own destruction and of whole groups and places being lost forever...
I felt like it was, in many ways, a mythological treatise on free will and also
the problem of evil and how free beings can make choices that cannot be undone,
the consequences cannot be taken least not while this earth lasts...
Later in the L'Engle book she has Vicky's Grandfather quoting
Elie Wiesel and about how the sins of the fathers are not inflicted as a sin in the 
 next generation but the consequences of the sins are still felt,
that corruption and death, they are still with us
(corruption not here in terms of evil but in terms of what is life
being corrupted so that illness/body decay/death happen)... which
is also very much the view of the Orthodox Church, actually... 
This week is going to be very busy, as in there are church
services every night this week.
I am glad.
Lent is a beautiful needful time.
Praying that God blesses you, saves you, helps you and that we can 
all seek God and seek His will, His mercy, His salvation... 


WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

Hi Elizabeth - Two things: I love your spode tea tray, and I have never read Madeleine L’Engle's Austin Family Chronicles. Can't wait to add them to my reading list. :)

Tracy said...

The first week of Lent is such an adjustment, isn't it?! Thankfully our time hasn't changed yet, so I'm glad that's not in our mix at the moment too... haha! I love Lent though, I need to time of refocus and that it shakes me up a bit so I can grow closer to God. Such interesting thoughts about the future. In a more recent time I've been trying to let God take care of the future. In periods I would be either caught up in something about the past, or basically worry about the future, so much to that sometimes the present escaped me. Now I try to dwell more in the present. Through pray I continue to learn to let God take care of it all--past, present and future. Not easy! Wishing you a BLESSED and beautiful Lent, my friend :) ((HUGS))

shoreacres said...

I'm so glad you added the information about the L'Engle book. I've read The Irrational Season and loved it, but I've not delved into her work more deeply. I read the page you posted, and was caught by the grandfather's advice. I'll look for the book, and the series.

elizabeth said...

Wendy~ Oh you must read them!!! Thanks for liking the spode tray, I love it! A Christmas gift from years ago now!
Tracy, yes, such an adjustment!!! I am with you on the learning to be in the present, what you said is key!
Shoreacres - Her other Crosswick Journals are lovely as well - and the YA series that the book Ring of Endless Light from is well worth reading! as is her more 'adult' fiction as it were... she gives one lots to think about!

Lisa Richards said...

The John Donne quote really spoke to my heart. I need to realize that I can't carry all of my children's burdens. I can help, but God is their real source of provision and the one THEY have to learn to depend on. I wear myself out trying to help, and it's my own fault. They haven't asked me to do what I do. :) Praying for wisdom to know how much to shoulder others' burdens, because I do feel we should help if we can, but it's easy to do too much.

I like your little computer desk!

elizabeth said...

Lisa ~ I understand this struggle. God bless and guide you!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I am glad you are feeling better and I hope that you will rest well after such a busy week! Love seeing your kitty on top of the chair!