Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Monday, Oh Monday (a warm comforting curry, books and continued prayer request)

Sometimes I get all ready to get Cleo's treat, bowl out, spoon, 
and then something distracts me. Cleo will find me,
go on her 2 back feet with her 2 front paws on my leg, 
meow either piteously or vehemently to tell me that I forgot her promised treat. 
I apologize and make haste to the fridge.....
Cleo has been training me for years in a more direct fashion as time has marched on....

I bought a new white and a new black apron in January. 
The black one needed a lint brush to get all of the stray Cleo fur off. 
I had just cleaned it and put it in the new laundry bag I just got today.
 (The long apron straps get tangled up if I don't put it in a laundry bag).
 I had put it with the towels I plan on washing on the hallway floor 
outside of the small laundry room. 
So of course Cleo decides to sit right on top of 
the new laundry bag with black apron inside.

I love this sticky rice. 
It was not the cheapest of rices but is really nice.
I did 2 cups water and 1.5 cups rice.
I pour rice in the pot and then the water,
so I can use one measuring cup and not have the rice stick to 
water in the cup by not having the water poured in beforehand.
It was lovely, brought to a boil and simmered for about 15 minutes and it was done,
warm, sticky, steaming hot...just perfect!

This pot is one of my Mom's pots and pans that
 she used for decades before giving them to me,
other than the tallest pot, which she gave to my sister...
all years ago... 

I used the red curry sauce and coconut milk from Trader Joes; 
a bit bland and sweet so I added the whole can of green chilies also from Trader Joes; 
it added a slightly chill pepper vinegar acidic taste...
I sauteed in coconut oil 2 smaller yellow onions, 1 clove garlic sliced and maybe a 2 Tbs of
sliced fresh ginger... then added the coconut milk and curry sauce, then 
the whole can of chilies, a bunch of the lime leaves...with some chopped small broccoli
heads and kidney beans, canned, drained and rinsed. 
I added organic baby spinach about 2 minutes from plating the food.
The rice was still steaming hot under the curry
and that made it perfect!
The sticky rice kept the curry from making it a thin water rice stew
and instead something comforting, warm and soft... 
I want to try a different curry sauce; this one was too bland and then with 
a hint of pickled chilies but it was good enough to eat and the rice
combo with it was delightful! 

The rice really held it together in an enjoyable way for this curry!

I am a lot easier on myself (at least in my good / better days) 
in terms of what I can accomplish in a day. 
I am reading this lovely devotional/book of meditations 
(as in the author is thinking about a specific quotation every day) as I can. 
I am still in January but am currently reading 
a few a day over breakfast or lunch.... 
I am enjoying this book! 
Thoughtful writing that either shares a struggle 
that I can relate to or encourages me in ways I needed to hear. 
Prayer request continued for my Aunt.
It was determined that the broke bone will not need surgery 
but an air cast only.
We hope to find out tomorrow about possible heart surgery.
I still feel a somber concern for the seriousness of her condition.
But lots of family is nearby and I am very comforted to know
that so many are praying for her.
Thank you so much.
May God bless, save and comfort us all!


Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, I have not been keeping up very well, but now that I know I will be in prayer for your aunt. On a happier note, your curry looks tasty and quite inventive. I am impressed at how you find delicious ways to maintain your Lenten time of fasting. May the Lord bless and keep you as you walk with him.

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Sweet Cleo... Cats do have a very good way of training us don't they?! ;) The curry looks delicious! Praying for your Aunt... God Bless you all! ((HUGS))

Elizabethd said...

A cat always has to let you know who is the chief one in the household!
Your curry looks very appetising. I dont eat very spicy food so sometimes buy a ready made Korma sauce to add to chicken. That's quite mild and very comforting.
Continuing to pray for your Aunt.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The curry and rice looks delicious! I love rice and haven't tried this type. I'll keep your Aunt in my prayers. I hope she heals and feels better soon! Hugs!

Granny Marigold said...

Funny how Cleo has you trained!!
Your delicious food pictures are making me hungry. Right now I have my bread maker going and later I will do some baking while the oven is on. ( I use only the dough cycle on my bread maker then form and bake my bread or baguettes as I want).

Lisa Richards said...

Good news that your aunt doesn't need surgery for the break! Still praying!
I'm impressed, as always, by your culinary prowess. :)
You made me hungry, so I think I'll whip up something less "fancy", but still filling!