Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Tolkien Exhibit in NYC ~ an adventure to remember!

Pictures below are in the Morgan Library in NYC


I love the pictures above of St Christopher! 

I was quite startled to learn that Martin Luther later married a wife (a former nun!).
The pictures above are of this couple.

Mr Husband and I went to NYC this afternoon!
We saw the Tolkien exhibit...
It was like being a bit on cloud 9 to see letters, paintings, doodles,
sketches, books, dust jackets...that Tolkien wrote, painted, drew...
seeing his handwriting (so beautiful), seeing pictures of him and his family,
seeing a printing of his father's obituary (So sad and written so differently than
how it is done today!).... it was really special...
a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but very lovely!
It's Butterweek and that includes fish!
We both had fish for lunch, I had eggs for dinner and my Husband
a seafood pizza and we split one slice of cheesecake in the afternoon!
A very special pre-lent treat for us...
of course for many it is Ash Wednesday and we saw many
people with ashes on their foreheads today...
The Tolkien Exhibt was at at the Morgan Library...
they did not allow pictures of this exhibit but you could take pictures
of other parts of the library/museum so I did!
The red room was most impressive, the office of Mr Morgan Sr!
He was a big art collector, as you can see...
of course I had to take pictures of the tea that was on sale! :)
It's late now,
I am wishing you all God's mercy and peace
as we all journey within and towards Lent!


Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Oo - a touring version of the Bodleian exhibition from last summer? I just missed it in Oxford :( but I have the fantastic catalogue and I hope you do too.

Tracy said...

What a grand day out in every way... sooo many goodies!! Oh, the exhibit... oh, the books... And LOVE the LOTR teas!! :))) Thank you for taking us along, Elizabeth... God Bless you as you enter Great Lent!! ((HUGS))

Elizabethd said...

It must have been such an interesting exhibition.

Lisa Richards said...

Oh, I want some Gandalf the Grey Tea! What a glorious old library! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, what a wonderful exhibit! I love all things Tolkien! Thank you for sharing your photographs with us. And that fish sandwich is calling my name! xo

Granny Marigold said...

I love all the photos of the wonderful exhibits. What an enchanting day it must have been for you and your husband.

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, What a wonderful opportunity to see such a rare exhibit. Your photos of The Morgan Library itself are gorgeous. We have already begun the journey of Lent with Ash Wednesday. I am using the Anglican Lectionary for my daily readings as well as a book of Lenten reflections. As you begin your Lent tomorrow I hope it will be a time of great blessing to you.