Thursday, March 07, 2013

Well, at least it is, as far as we know, *only* mono

This was the verse from my
calendar yesterday.
I look for it... our eyes are to the mountains,
where does our help come from?
I went to the doctor
and the blood work came back
screamingly positive on the test for

Now that the meds are slowly
getting out of my system
my energy levels are falling
with marked rapidity
and that throat of mine that is still swollen
when I look at it
with a flash light
now feels swollen again.
Time for more tea and popsicles.
I guess I will not be making the bread
after all...
oh well,
there are much worse things than this.

Lent is soon.
I feel that Mr. Husband and I's lent
started early,
like the minute the Triodion was about to start.
I have a feeling we will be
ordering groceries for a while
and I will be knitting and on the couch
for a while to come....
when I am not sleeping...
Please keep Mr. Husband and I in
your prayers.
I thank God that as far as we know
it is nothing worse...


Matushka Anna said...

Praying for you!!! ((hugs))

Athanasia said...

Mono recovery is slow and long. Take care of yourself to prevent relapse.