Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Please Pray for Noah and his family

Just saw this on FB on Kate,
Noah's Mother's status ~
David is Noah's brother ~
"Well, we're at pretty much worst-case scenario here. David has
influenza B. Jeff and I are symptomatic now also which means Noah's
had incredibly heavy exposure.

While Jeff and I and the other seven children are all going on Tamiflu
(getting 9 scripts for Tamiflu filled is NO walk in the park, btw),
there is no IV tamiflu. We're going ahead and getting standing orders
in place for extra labs for Noah but if he gets it, all we can do is
try to manage fever and watch for pneumonia.

The last time Noah got influenza the fallout from his little body
trying to fight is what caused his gut to shut down completely. This
could be very serious for him. Please pray for the Lord's will in

Please pray for them all.
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy!

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