Friday, March 29, 2013

Second Friday of Great Lent

A quiet day.
Mr. Husband worked from home.
Lenten lunch.
I helped a friend with a resume
and then did some paper work.
I also knitted while listening to most of
this long lecture ~ I find it not for the
faint of heart (no beating about the bush is another way to say it)
but at the same time I think this lecture is very
salutary ~ in the sense of curative ~ but a healing that comes
with what feels a cold sunshiny day
with brisk air and bracing air...
not always easy to breathe but at the same time
if chosen or loved,
(This of course is also my favourite weather
for winter time).
Appreciated this post on love, fear, love.
So my first baby blanket:

Thanks to comment and emails
I have a good idea going,
I hope!

If you look closely,
you can see I missed some spots
that I will have to knit over later
or something.
So I have knitted the first 5 or so rows with the
knit stitch,
then endeavored to do the stockinette stitch
but towards the beginning I accidently did two
knit rows instead of going knit, purl, knit.
But I am getting there!
The ends I am trying to knit one or two stitches of the
opposite of what I have been doing that row,
as one friend told me this will help
it not curl.
I am also doing the longer rows on top and bottom.
For another blanket I may try to do a boarder all around it.
I am excited to see how it will turn out!
I practiced some more with the gauge swatch and then
frogged it and began making the blanket.
It's about 80 stitches or so across
and once these two skeins are done,
I will do a solid colour and then a mix again, etc ~ as planned.
I hope all those who are on the
Western (i.e. Catholic or Protestant)
calendar have a blessed Good and Holy Friday.
For those Orthodox,
we are almost to week three of Lent!
St. Gregory Palamas!
I do need to get his homilies...
my spiritual father in Ottawa encouraged us all
to read them...
I pray that God is encouraging each of you
along our often challenging way
and that we will look to Christ in all things.


Anny said...

Lovely blog, I love how your faith seems to intertwine seemlessly with your life-very refreshing.
I've always been fascinated by Orthodox faiths but am not sure where to find out more about them. Any suggestions?

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You're making huge strides with the blanket; well done!

elizabeth said...

Hi Anny,

thank you for loving my blog! I love it too :)

There are lots of resources about Orthodoxy - here are a few:

these books have helped many:

if you had any questions you wanted to ask me specifically, you an also email me at

roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA

Wishing you all of God's blessings! :)