Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday, Clean Monday...

Taking pictures of these tulips
makes me feel like I am still in Ottawa
taking pictures of flowers
on my favourite walk.
Or almost.
They are so beautiful.
I find the beauty buoys me.

Today is indeed a Monday.
I was so tired this weekend that on Friday
I failed to get the grocery order in.
So that meant it comes tonight instead of this
past Saturday.
But this also meant that this morning,
when I saw that
we were down to the last piece of bread,
I went to make oatmeal.
With my cheery red kettle.
Only to remember that we ran out of oats
and that it is
along with the bread
is in the grocery order that comes tonight.

So I toasted the last piece of bread.
Banana and Peanut butter.

I took more pictures.
I love how translucent the petals are becoming.
How beautiful.

I dreamed of baking bread.
I hope every day.
Today though is a very tired day
and I wake tired from naps.
But no matter.

The breakfast was delightful really
and I
St. Luke the Surgeon's life.
Read about his wife dying and crossing all
of her children before she died.

I am in the process of mixing up some more
orange juice.
Sometimes I find
it is easy to forget what one has
and to appreciate the basic things like
fruit concentrate and water.

More oil needed.
I thank God that we have the oil.
Sometimes I get really
overwhelmed by all of the world events
and uncertainty.
Things are increasingly bad in many parts of the
world for Christians.
I admit that I feel so weak,
how would I stand the same suffering?
I am reminded of what I was told at the turn of
the New Year:
those who endure to the end shall be saved.
I saw that my blog post about my Oma's
knitting needles lost their pictures.
It in small ways is Monday.
I looked back at an older blog post of mine,
when I was in-between job contracts and it was a
grey cold January and I am reminded
of the beauty and of the
advice to SING.


Martha said...

I want a toaster oven. Your toast with peanut butter and bananas looks so good. Thanks for sharing, I think I'll plan on making some... Lovely tulips. Hope your first week of Great Lent is peaceful.

elizabeth said...

Martha - you know, it was good! so simple!

I love my toaster oven. I've used them for years; I think I was given one and then found one at the side of the road; this one is a wedding gift from a family from my church in Ottawa... I love it! and you can toast a lot more than 2 pieces of bread at one time! :)