Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sigh ~ Evening Quiet...

The Mother of God
Joy of All Who Sorrow.
Akathist here.

Someone kindly came today
to help with things.

A roast was made for us to eat tomorrow.
Things are put back in order.
The clean is calming...

Late this afternoon
I played an Akathist to St. Seraphim as
I knitted.
I talked with my Grandma and Mom. :)
And my dish cloth is done,
just needs to be binded off

This is the next yarn I am
going to work with.
I love experimenting.
For now I am sticking to scarves.
I figure it is a great way to learn how
different yarns work and
will teach me a lot.

This scarf is almost done!!
I am going to try the
cotton bamboo yarn with a
number 7 needle
and see what happens.
If it does not work,
I can always frog it back.
I am dreaming of bread baking on Friday.
Tomorrow is medical appointment
where I hope to hear that I am OK
and that somehow they were wrong about the
I have mono thing.
I really hope...
Mr. Husband is home
and I am so glad. 


Matushka Anna said...

I wish we could sit companionably together and knit!! (: Sigh...

[I love bamboo yarn!! It's so soft and silky. I made Innocent's blankie out of it because it was the best I had.]

elizabeth said...

Mat. Anna - I wish that too!

I can see very much why you love the bamboo yarn. it is wonderful. HUGS.

Martha said...

You've been very busy knitting! That blue bamboo yarn looks really nice, I've never bought any, but it feels SO soft when I feel it at the store. I love the icon of the Protection of the Mother of God. My parents have a copy of that exact icon in their icon corner, although the color is a bit faded...