Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Question: teaching children about sin

One of my dear
friends who is an Orthodox Mother
and I have been emailing....
Her child is at the age where she is asking
about sin, God's love and salvation.
How do you explain to
your child about sin from an Orthodox perspective?
And do you know of any resources
on this topic?
Books, blog posts, etc.
Please comment!
If you don't have a blog but would
like to email me,
please email me at
roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT ca
Thank you!!


Matushka Anna said...

Ah, well, this will be short and simple (but perhaps that is best):

Sin is separation from God. We feel sad when we sin because we have moved farther from God. We are the ones who move, He never changes. You can also explain sin as "falling short" of the mark.

God always loves us and forgives us no matter how many times we fall. Every single time we get back up and turn to him in repentance He is overjoyed and there are no dirty looks, eye-rolling, sarcasm, etc. We need never be embarrassed to repent.

I'm sorry this is so short! I hope it helps just a little bit. If I think of a blog post or article I will certainly pass it along.

M. Emily said...

Jane Meyer's new book, The Hidden Garden is a good one for this topic!