Friday, March 08, 2013

A Friday of snow and quiet

We woke to snow this morning.

I am still having some insomnia
and in the middle of the night
I was standing,
looking at the window,
by this icon corner
wondering why I was so cold
but my face was so hot.
Then I remembered,
oh yeah,
I have mono.

I am so glad to be done with those meds
I was on for the allergic reaction.
I still feel very shaky.
But I get to eat yummy popsicles
mango is my favourite so far.
Apparently they are being renamed.
Today is more sleeping and napping so
far than anything else.
I thank God I can be at home
and do just that.

1 comment:

Michelle M. said...

I hope you got the rest you needed!
My parents said that they got 7 inches!