Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New small oil lampadas

The package with the
new wick holders came for my
red votives/lampadas.
I cleaned up my tea light holders
and have put them away.

I got the red votives out. 

Here are the new wick holders.

These are the wicks I am using for now.
I got these at the Greek monastery in Quebec.

These wicks I gently
pull apart, into two pieces.
Sometimes when I do this, the
threads can get a bit loose,
so then I twist them back together.
In the picture above,
you can see that the bottom wick is twisted
back together.

Insert wick into metal tube on wick holder.
For the red lampadas,
I carefully bend the wick and put them
in the votive.
Another way,
that Mr. Husband pointed out to me,
is to keep the wick holder strait,
put long cloth wicks in
as they will burn for a longer time.
I may do this in the future,
but for now will use what I already have.

I make two wicks out of one of these
wicks as the single wick is too
thick to go into these long
wick holders.
To try to force it in will only
ruin the wick.
These wicks come with the floating wick holders
pictured above.
I prefer the wick holders as they will say
up in the glass and not
burn down or burn out the oil if left for hours.
one of my good friends uses the floating wick and
what they do is put some water in before the oil so that
if it does burn down,
it will not shatter the glass as the water will
keep it from harm.  

This is an example of putting the wick
in the wrong side.
I realized after I put oil in them,
that a few of the lampadas I inadvertently
put the wick in the long end of the tube,
which actually is the end that is supposed to be in the oil.
Oh well,
it is an easy fix.

Here they are all done
but not yet lit for the first time. 

The ones I tend to keep lit
all the time are these three:
The Mother of God
St. Nectarios.

I am really grateful for them!
With the little saucers under them
to catch any oil that spills
I think they will work wonderfully
here on my buffet. 
I use the short oil cruet for filling
and the tall one,
which I also use for salads,
I admit,
is great for carefully refiling an already lit lampada.
Through our wonderful
Sweet Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ
and the prayers of His Holy Mother
and all the Saints
may the Lord
have mercy and save us! 

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