Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday - a cold grey day but warm inside

Happy to say that
though I did not fall asleep until late,
I slept the night through.
First time in a long time.
That I am still tired is merely not a surprise.
I am thankful.

The tulips from an earlier day.
The purple one are starting to droop.
Going to see if I have a taller vase for them...

I am thankful for the oil for my lampadas.
It is almost Great Lent.
Mat. Emily has some great ideas for lent with small children.
The Psalter Reading Group is going again.
I signed up this year ~ my first time.
I hope I will have the strength to do it;
I have the cute green Psalter now
and hope to carve some time for this,
while sitting in my cozy corner.
It's been a month now since I first got sick.
Various people with mono have said it took them
between 1-2 months to recover.
I am hoping that by Pascha I will be well.
Other than some more link-lists I hope to do,
I am happy with how I changed my blog's layout
and look...
I had been wanting to do it for a while.
Mr. Husband and I finished watching
The Princess Bride.
Mr. Husband thought it was nice to watch once
but would not watch it again.
I on other hand can see watching it again.
It's almost Forgiveness Sunday.
I don't know if/that I will make it to the services.
Am tired.
Such a strange time.
But God is still here with us.
Am still getting used to Feedly.
It seems to not have archived all of the data I
had in my Google Reader account.
More to be looked at there...
What is in store for your weekend?

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Dasha D. said...

Dear Elizabeth, I just want to say that I like your blog. I like photos and It's so wonderful for me to know about life of Christians in America.

P.S. Your tulips a very beautiful! I like flowers.