Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yarn Along ~ Scarves, Sunshine and Daffodils

My very first project is done!
My knit stitch cream scarf!

It looks really great when it is
wrapped around one's neck
and is soft and easy to
put exactly as one wishes!

This scarf went with me on many

I am really pleased with it!
And the letter to my friend is written
and all I have to do is box it up,
tape and address and it will be
off to a treasured friend!

Mr. Husband brought me Daffodils. :)

I am about half way done with this scarf.
It's the widest scarf I have done
but I really like it.
It is for a family member who is quite tall and
who I hope will be kept warm in winter
with this scarf.
My Christmas projects are beginning early this year!
But then I have a lot of people to knit for!
I am still reading this book,
The Blessed Surgeon -
It is such a captivating, moving and also eye-opening book.
One understands the horrors of Communism in Russia;
sees many beautiful moments in St. Luke's life;
one is moved by the love of the people for St. Luke
and is amazed at how patient St. Luke was in exiles and
great suffering ~ and how he kept helping and healing
many who came to him with illnesses and needed
surgery.  It is well worth reading.
What are you reading?
Are you Crafting?
Yarn Along with us!


Matushka Anna said...

Great job!!

Mary said...

The knit scarf looks great!!! The daffodils are so beautiful! I've been meaning to buy the book on St. Luke, but they were out last time we went to Jordanville.

Donna said...

Great scarves! The book you are reading sounds very interesting. Can't wait to see what you knit next:-)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mat. Anna, Mary and Donna!

Mary and Donna: the book is really wonderful... I think we got it at a monastery over Christmas... It's a really worthy read...

Mistea said...

Lucky friend to be wrapped in that gorgeous cream scarf.
Lovely colours in the big scarf.
Enjoy your reading.

Dasha D. said...

When I looked at your picture, I remembered fragrance of daffodils. There are some daffodils and tulips in my garden and I like them to bloom.
Your new scarf looks very soft. I like soft scarfs. :)
I knit not very well but I I'd like to study. I like crochet.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mistea and Dasha! Dasha - so nice that you can crochet! I have yet to learn this one! Am focusing on learning to knit first! :)