Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday ~ quiet, sunshine and preparing for presanctified liturgy

I am loving the daffodils that Mr. Husband
brought me this week.

I am on the last skein for the green scarf I am knitting.
I think it will be long enough once I am finished
with this 4th skein. 
I talked to my friend Mara this week.
It's been three years of painful struggle for her now.
It breaks my heart and Mr. Husband
shares in the sorrow.
Yet we do not give up hope in Christ and His mercy.
Of course I still ask your prayers for her.
God willing we are going to a presanctified liturgy this evening.
I love these very much and thank God that there is one
near by tonight that we can go to.
It is our first Lent together as a married couple.
I think and hope that we will look back on this time with
gratefulness to God.
I am slowly reading the newly published Lenten book:
Meditations for Great Lent.
So far I am appreciating it very much.
Mr. Husband's birthday is in the next week or so
and I am hoping to finally make the cake
I wanted to make about 2 months or so ago!
I am hoping also to do some baking tomorrow ~
maybe the vegan brownie cookies with dried cherries
that I was hoping to make last week
but was not able to.
What has your day had in store for you?

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