Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today: the joyful, the good and the death of Google Reader

Last night I was
using my ever present Google Reader
only to read that
Google Reader is going to die this summer.
Much consternation is ensuing.
Thanks to my wonderful Orthoblog and FB friends,
and Mr. Husband quickly finding this
link to save the day
I and another good blog friend are
trying out this Reader, called Feedly.
It is easy to do and all my feeds from
Google Reader went
into this very simply
and I like the look/feel of it.
So far so good,

Sadly bad dream last night led to much insomnia.
I lit the new lampada to the Guardian Angel.
And I knit...
another post forth coming on my progress...

So many of us are feeling the
beginning throes of Lent.
Sickness for many and other very real
I find this Akathist to the
Protection of the Mother of God to be
of great encouragement.
Even if only a little is read at a time,
it can be a real support and comfort...

LOOK!!! Do you see?
Buds are on the tree outside my kitchen window!
Good Heavens, how wonderful.
My friends in Ottawa are facing more winter,
so I take this with gratefulness...

I changed out the lampada floating wick holder
for this one.

I had to really curve the wick holder so that
at night when the lamp is not lit
it can be covered.
We don't want Cleo discovering the oil,
like she did on a votive I used to have in
Ottawa that was near her favourite tree :)

I am still loving the tulips,
especially the yellow...
This book of Anna Akhmatova's poems
is from 8th Day Books
and is a gift to me from Mr. Husband.
I am slowly reading at random from it
and enjoying it.
I am slowly regaining some strength,
even with the insomnia and
am really hoping that I will be able to
take on more of my normal tasks
as the days go by. 


Michelle M. said...

Beautiful photos! I'm glad to hear that you are regaining some strength!

Rebekah Markewich said...

I am trying out Feedly too. I hope I like it.

Matushka Anna said...

I'll have to look at that...

Maria said...

Hmm, yes, this is something I'm suddenly concerned about -- cats and oil lamps. Any advice?

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I'm trying out Feedly on your recommendation - thank you for the heads up!

Hugs and prayers to you all.

elizabeth said...

Hi Maria,

send your cat questions any day :)

Well, the only time Cleo would drink the oil was when I lived in Ottawa and I for a brief time had a large votive that was by an icon on my bookshelf by the window that was next to my gold chair. She could see, smell and easily reach it and therefore drank it.

Since I've been here with her, she has nothing that is next to a chair that she would sit on. I've had no problems.

The one lampada that I mentioned that I was worried about is up against a window (Cleo of course LOVES windows) but we have the shade drawn on it (it came with the place, is an expensive one with cloth on both sides and blinds in the middle) and we keep the shade down all the time (but with the blinds in the middle open) so light gets through but it does not announce to Cleo as 'climb on me and look through the window' so it's been fine.

But just to be sure, we close up that table top lampada at night (unless we forget).

So... I hope that helps. Basically, keep them away from easy-easy reach, away from open/visible windows that are the cat's hang out places...

I've never had a problem however with my two hanging-on-the-wall lampadas....

hope this helps ~ and happy cat loving! :)