Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday, full, quiet, loved

Mr. Husband is letting me use his monitor
for my lap top...
now on the coffee table,
with both my new
love mugs.
Tea in one, water in the other.
I know...
but they hold lots of liquid and
I have a bit of a cough/head cold going on as of
this morning.
Mr. Husband and I
are weathering this storm
by the prayers of many
and the grace of God.
It deepens our love for each other.
Had blood work this AM
and then we found this place
for take out food.
I got breakfast. :)
I also worked on knitting while out and about this morning.

My knitting projects :)
Two scarves now and the dish cloth.

I am keeping the yarn in this yellow
klennex box...
 it keeps the yarn from rolling everywhere...
It is for this new scarf...
a fun green scarf...
with large bamboo needles!
13 inch ones... 

The dish cloth that I
frogged (= ripped out)
and have started over.
Using new circular needles;
works great for this project! 
The first scarf I have been
working on for a while.
So that's been nice.
Got email news that one of my Ottawa friends
had pneumonia
and that other were/are ill.
The sicknesses that are going on this year are
really quite wretched.
I am dreaming of more knitted projects.
4 more days of the strong meds.
The allergic reaction is still present;
itchy at times.
Mr. Husband and I did our first
online grocery order.
Got a new tea:
lavender and chamomile - hope to have some tonight.
We are learning how to do things new ways
since I am still unwell.
Inwardly I feel very thankful.
Outwardly tired and unable to rest well
due to the meds.
Cleo is still the cutest cat in all of North America.
Some new people at my Ottawa parish got
married today.
I woke up this morning
thinking about them...
Somehow this time of things I think
ultimately I and Mr. Husband will look back
on with some affection
though it is not easy when in the midst of it.

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