Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Steps...

I am loving the sunlight.
Every day it is sunny is such a beautiful day.

I am loving that my little rose bush/plant
(that was grown in Canada)
is still alive ~ some of it is not ~ but that there is
still green is a wonderful thing.

Loving the purple mum.

St. Seraphim...

It is a challenge to shot pictures after
10 AM or so in full sunlight
so I was pleased to get this one of my
kitchen area...
It is one of my favourite places...
I told Mr. Husband how good it felt to be back in
the kitchen again...

I trimmed these tulips and changed to
a taller vase.
Much better.

And! YAY!
I set a proper table for lunch for the
first time in about 1 month + 1 week.

I made the salad.

The lentil soup is from
one of my far-away church families
and we are really appreciating it.
I am finally baking bread again!
I am doing the orange cranberry bread
but with lemon zest instead
so this one will be a
lemon cranberry yeast bread.
Mr. Husband is working from home today
and when he came in to the kitchen/dining area
he could smell the lemon zest...
a very wonderful smell.
I let it rise for 1 hour and took a nap
during part of this time.
I can tell it is going to take a while to be back
to full speed again,
but as everyone who reads this blog consistently
I've been wanting to bake bread for quite sometime.
So this is a wonderful thing.
I hope to report back today or tomorrow
on how the bread turns out...
Being the first week of Lent,
it is a busier time
but also a time for new beginnings.
I heard a wonderful sermon about how Lent
is a journey to meet Christ,
to look in His Face.
I pray that we can see our Lord's face
more clearly this Lent
and learn to keep our eyes
on His Most Beautiful Face.


Martha said...

I thought at first that you were baking scones. I just found out that one of my favorite authors (Alexander McCall Smith, who is Scottish) is coming to the main library in downtown Cincinnati in 2 weeks!
I bet your bread was wonderful.
The photo of your kitchen sink is very nice...what kind of counter do you have? We are looking to get our kitchen a little renovated...

elizabeth said...

Wow! so neat that the author is coming! :)
I PM you via FB about our kitchen...

The Snowman said...

We love lentil soup. M made a batch this morning that we will eat over the coming days. Would love to have the recipe for your bread! Blessings!

elizabeth said...

Hi A.: Yes, God willing I will post pictures and the recipe tomorrow! So nice that M. made lentil soup! :) Blessings also on you and M! :)