Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Decisions and waiting

After days of the high dose of
plus no/small amounts of sleeping for days
among other things
I finally hit the wall with it last night.
This morning I decided that
I just would stop that medicine now;
I'd had enough,
the allergic reaction is fading away
and the other risks were greater
and I no longer wished to feel so incredibly
wired while needing to rest,
since the doctor told me I had mono.
I go back to the doctor tomorrow
and hope to know more then.
It is going to take a while for the
high-octane meds to get out of my system
but at least the continued craziness is
slowly subsiding.
Whew, whew, whew.
I'd had enough!!!
Meanwhile I am knitting.
I ordered more yarn and two more sets of
needles - an size 8 and size 13
for two projects I want to start on soon.
I feel that it will take me a week just to recover from the last
few weeks...
I just hope I am really on the way to full recovery;
I really wanted to make bread today
but I still don't have the strength.
At least I can knit...
And this morning I changed the table cloth
and candle-sticks.
I am slowly changing things as we gear up for Lent
and I wanted my table to try to reflect a change as well.
I am looking forward to putting out the Lenten icons.
Lord have mercy on us!
Sometimes things seem like a really heavy burden;
at the same time,
I am increasingly aware of God's mercy and love.
Lord have mercy,
Lent is coming!
Lord, bring us to Pascha and the Joy of Your Resurrection! 


Michelle M. said...

I'm starting to get excited for Lent, too! It feels like it has taken forever to get here :)

E Helena E said...

Peace to you and prayers for the appointment tomorrow!